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Sustainability and the environment

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Our ethical investment position.

As a Bank we are guided by our regulator, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), as to the types of High Quality Liquidity Assets (HQLA) we can invest in.

The Mutual Bank is guided by APRA but we ensure we adopt an ethical approach and as such, we do not invest in fossil fuels and have no plans to do so.

Does your bank care about the environment?

We are an ethical bank committed to safeguarding the future of the community. A key part of this is our efforts to promote sustainability and the environment with the implementation of environmentally friendly practices:

  • We have an ethical investment policy and do not invest in fossil fuels.
  • By publishing our informative monthly newsletter eSlate online, we reduce our environmental impact. Over 60,000 of our Members now receive eSlate via email.
  • eStatements mean that not only do our Members receive their statements in a more environmentally sustainable manner, they receive them with greater speed and security. Over 39,000 Members are now subscribed to access their statement electronically as eStatements.
  • All of our brochures, print newsletters and promotional materials are printed on recycled or carbon neutral stock to keep our environmental footprint smaller.
  • Increasingly, we elect to use electronic channels for promotions, surveys and sending information to limit our paper usage to the bare minimum.
  • When producing pocket diaries for customers, we purchase carbon offsets to neutralise the damage.
  • Our improved head office at 117 Camberwell Road has been designed to limit our environmental damage in the long term. We have incorporated more efficient business practices such as better waste management, installation of rain water tanks, use of recycled materials, design incorporating sustainable functions and enhanced environmental functionality such as lighting and internal printing – everything we can to be an environmentally ethical bank.

Our product range includes environmentally friendly options for our socially conscious customers. We have a highly competitive Green Car Loan, providing a discounted rate for cars with a green rating of 5, as determined by the Australian Government Green Vehicle Guide. Our Green Personal Loan also offers a discounted rate for green home improvements to reduce environmental impact and costs on heating, cooling and water.

We also encourage sustainability education in our schools and preschools by supporting a number of awards and grants. We have partnered with the Department of Sustainability for a number of years to sponsor the ResourceSmart Education Awards, which reward and recognise a huge range of imaginative and inspiring activities that have led to great sustainability outcomes in Victoria’s primary and secondary schools, as well as early childhood services.

Never satisfied with standing still, we are constantly exploring new ways to incorporate environmental and sustainable initiatives into our daily business operations. This approach has already allowed us to reduce our environmental impact and has led to cost savings that we pass on to you through competitive pricing of products and services.

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