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Celebrating Teachers

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Announcing the Celebrating Teachers recipients!

Last Friday our panel of judges came together to choose the recipients for the Celebrating Teachers competition. It was a tough task as there was an array of inspiring, funny and clever entries from teachers all over Victoria. That said, the decision had to be made and now we are excited to announce the 15 recipients!

Tell us in 25 words or fewer why you love building the future of Australia as a teacher:

School recipients:

  • Kate, Elwood Primary School - There are not many jobs where you get to walk in to a room of 21 adoring fans each and every day.
  • Robert, Preston West Primary - Seeing learning sprout from seeming chaos, humour stem from frustration and light bulb moments illuminate the lives and minds of our future leaders.
  • Andrew, Gleneagles Secondary College - There is no other job where you help each student find their direction, face their challenges and reach their goals!
  • Eleonore, Kingston Heath Primary School - While we teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about. Teaching is a lifelong experience which never ceases.
  • Diana, Mount Ridley P-12 College - Our teachers create global learners. They anchor and inspire students both academically and personally. Our teachers and staff prepare today's students for tomorrow's opportunities.

Individual recipients:

  • Angela, Northside Christian College - They arrive raw, malleable; they leave people of integrity, ready to contribute to making the world a better place. Teachers participate in that transformation. Joy.
  • Lauren, Grahamvale Primary School - The challenge of developing academic strength, personal independence, resilience, respect and individuality among my students, is what I love about building the future of Australia.
  • Daniel, Abbotsford Primary School - There is no greater pleasure than inspiring curiosity and effective problem solving amongst our children to ensure a prosperous future
  • Dorothy, Westgarth Primary School - Teachers are often one constant positive influence in children's lives so providing them with a love of learning ensures they are on a positive path.
  • Claire, Nangiloc/Colignan and District Primary School - It is the most rewarding occupation where you can take students on a learning journey and inspire them to be the best they can be.
  • Greg, Kingsville Primary School - Children inspire me and keep me young. They remind me how important it is at any age to play, to learn and to have fun.
  • Clare, Vermont South Special School - The investment of my expertise and passion in the development of today's children will be repaid with interest, and Australia will be the beneficiary.
  • Connie, St Joseph's Primary School - It is a privilege to contribute to future societies by not only teaching curriculum but also imparting lifelong skills like values, resilience and courtesy.
  • Robyn, Yarra Hills Secondary College - The opportunity to have an impact on young people in those formative years is not only a huge responsibility but an honour.
  • Charlotte, St Francis Xavier Primary School - Building the future of Australia as a teacher is like being the architect of something magnificent and getting in at the ground floor.

Congratulations to the above recipients and thank you to all schools and teachers for entering. This competition was very inspiring as we were able to read (and now share) how passionate you are about your job and industry. Thank you for making a difference in our community and shaping the future of Australia.

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