National Consumer Fraud Week

Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank appeals to Members to show continued vigilance as part of a national campaign to fight online fraud and other scams.

Mutual Banks, building societies and credit unions are supporting National Consumer Fraud Week, an initiative of the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce.

Our Members can be reassured that we take online security very seriously and consumers can take simple measures to ensure they are also safe from scams.

Consumer Fraud Week will increase awareness of the methods used in scams so the public can quickly identify them and ‘slam a scam.’ It’s critical that personal information is protected at all times as scammers can target people anywhere, anytime, and use many crafty methods to achieve their goals.

Scammers use a number of methods to attempt to defraud people, including a phone call or SMS out of the blue, a phishy email or ‘lucky’ letter, an unknown knock at the door or a strange request from an online friend or admirer.

To protect yourself against scammers, your Mutual Bank encourages Members to be wary of suspicious emails, letters, house visits, phone calls or SMS and instead press ‘delete’, throw them out, shut the door or just hang up.

The education and awareness campaign also advises people to:

  • Beware of sophisticated tricks like fake websites or scammers posing as a friend.
  • Be aware that that scammers will play on your emotions to get what they want.
  • At all times protect your private personal details away from scammers.

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