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The front page of our 2016 Annual Review goes to the heart of who we are. The word on the white board is education. Education is where we came from and is still part and parcel of what we do. Education brings social capacity, it weaves strength and insight into communities and enables everyone to reach her or his potential. It is multi-faceted. Where learning takes place we are keen participants and supporters. Each year we contribute over half a million dollars into the education community through various programs and sponsorship.

Schools across Victoria are currently writing submissions for funds for special learning projects through our Teaching Initiatives Program or TIPs. We usually have over 100 applications and up to 25 of these are awarded funding to support a school based project where the learning outcomes are identified and clarified. These monies are not large but provide much needed impetus for a fledgling program which is intended to eventually become mainstream. Schools celebrate these awards with pride.

We have decided this year to bring an extra dimension into the process. When the final group is identified we will offer a voting regime to our public to decide on a Peoples’ Choice award. This will go to the school or preschool with the most votes. The Peoples’ Choice recipient will, besides the honour of the award, be presented to our Annual General Meeting so they can tell their story. As well, we will create a video of their initiative which they can use for promotion purposes and keep in their archives.

Visit our website to see when the list and description of projects from successful applicants.

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