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At Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank, we’re invested in you as a member of the education community, as a customer and as an individual. We are owned by our customers, so our focus is solely on providing a better value banking experience given our understanding of the education community.


We focus on giving our customers value for money on all our products and services.


We focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience to our customers, through our range of access channels.


We understand education and are experienced in the financial needs of those that work within the education community.

Watch our video below to find out how we can help you have a better banking experience.

The Customer Owned Difference

Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank is a mutual, which means our customers own the organisation. Rather than profits being distributed to shareholders, profits are reinvested into the organisation to add to its strength and security and provide continuing value to customers.

Promise to customers

The Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice outlines 10 key promises to customers:

  • Be fair and ethical in our dealings.
  • Focus on customers.
  • Provide clear information about products and services.
  • Be responsible lenders.
  • Deliver high customer service standards.
  • Deal fairly with complaints.
  • Recognise customer rights as owners.
  • Comply with our legal and industry obligations.
  • Recognise the impact on the wider community.
  • Support and promote the Mutual Banking Code of Practice.

Your money is safe

We are supervised by the same regulators as banks, providing deposits with the same depositor-protection - Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). So our customers rest easy knowing their money is safe.

Everyone can bank with us

Although we have special links with the education community, everyone is welcome to bank with us.


Ethical investment and lending business practices

Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank is a socially responsible corporate citizen and has adopted a sustainable investment and lending approach, applying principles that reflect our corporate values.

The guiding principles for our approach to our investment and lending policies are:

  • Ethical investment selection - the Mutual Bank will not invest in fossil fuels and has no plans to do so.
  • Satisfactory investment returns - as a bank and Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) we are guided by our regulator the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA),
    APRA has determined Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank to be subject to the minimum liquidity holdings regime and required to maintain a portfolio of liquid assets. For example, the Mutual Bank’s liquid investments must be free from encumbrances and include:
    • Cash;
    • Securities eligible for repurchase transactions with the Reserve Bank;
    • Bank bills and certificate of deposits issued by ADIs provided the issue is rated at least “investment grade” (as set out in the Prudential Standard APS 116 – Capital Adequacy: Market Risk);
    • Deposits (at call and any other deposits readily convertible into cash within two business days held with other ADIs net of placements by the other ADIs); and
    • Any other securities approved by APRA.

    Our investments consist of high quality liquidity assets. This ensures we meet prudential standards for good investment returns.
  • Ethical investment choices for financial planning clients – a choice of investment options are available to customers who undertake the financial planning process.
  • Economical and responsible lending - The Mutual Bank is committed to customers’ financial wellbeing and employs conservative lending practices to ensure customers are not putting themselves in financial hardship. Practical advice and guidance helps customers select the most affordable loans suited to their personal situation.
    The Mutual Bank is also committed to providing sustainable options within its product range which includes green options for lending products.
    Providing loans for commercial purposes is restricted and any such contracts do not involve financing of fossil fuel based industries.

Our customers can be assured that Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank will always be conservative and responsible in our approach with the investment and lending of funds, always abiding by the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice.


"The best customer service I have experienced
Victoria Teachers Mutual Bank have been my banking provider for over 20 years. From the very start they were friendly, easy to talk to and very approachable. When I had dealings with them in regards to my home loan I dealt with the same person over the period of time completing the paperwork. Excellent advice was forthcoming in regards to consolidating all my loans which enabled me to get my finances in order and I am now able to make ends meet as well as saving for my retirement. I would not bank with anyone else."

- Mozo Reviewer

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